Proudly made in the USA since 2001!

I started this business sewing necessities for my little ones. The fabrics and prints I chose were a big hit so I decided to start a business to keep me home with the kids instead of going back to work.
Fast forward 16 years and we are still stylish and in demand. We still make things for the little one but my love of everything soft and furry also expanded my business in the Home Goods section. The faux fur goods have also landed us in the middle of Bridal Decor. And we are happy to be involved in all 3!

If it is warm furry and soft we love it <3 And all our faux furs are machine washable in cold. Air dry.

We LOVE special request. We want to see YOUR dream become a reality.

So if you don't see "exactly" what you want, just ask :)

Thank you so very much for supporting my dream of staying home and raising my children.

Regina Saari
Momma in Charge

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